Day 19 Morrisburg to Iroquois to Cornwall 77km

Day 19 Morrisburg to Iroquois to Cornwall 77km

October 18, 2012

A lovely warm morning with a hint of an east wind. Today will be our last real day of pedaling as we will be catching the train home from Brockville tomorrow. We stopped in Iroquois for our breakfast after riding for 15km. We had a nice view of the locks on the Seaway. The wind must have changed direction because when we started riding again there was a stiff breeze blowing in our faces. We struggled and made it another few kilometers to where the trail rejoins highway 2. The wind seemed even stronger now and we watched our speed drop. I pulled over and jokingly suggested that maybe we should pedal back to Cornwall, with the wind. Mom was all over that, so without any hesitation, we turned around. Now with the wind at our backs we covered what took us over an hour this morning in half an hour. It was such a beautiful day we figured why waste it toiling into the wind. It makes no difference to us if we catch the train from Cornwall or Brockville. We stopped near the Upper Canada Village to see if we might be able to catch an earlier train.

I guess we’ll have to wait till tomorrow. It was fun retracing our route and on such a scenic section of the trail. We had our picnic lunch in Farran Park and after another hour of pedaling we were back at the hotel. Caught the end of the ball game and watched the Yankees get swept. Then it was out for a walk to see where to eat. We looked at a couple of restaurants, but opted for a grocery store supper in our room.

We have train reservations for tomorrow morning and plan on riding back to Ajax from the station in Oshawa. It’s a little sad knowing that the trip is almost finished, but truthfully, our legs could use the rest.


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