Day 17 Veaudreuil-Dorian to Cornwall, ON 92km

October 16, 2012

Lovely blue sky this morning but very cool. It was very windy again this morning and we took a walk to McDonald’s so I could get a coffee. We met an interesting woman in line and chatted for awhile. Back at the motel, we were packed and ready to go by 10:30 am. I think both of us were dreading pedaling into the wind again, especially with our destination so far away. By the time we left, clouds had moved in. We head south on the 338 for about 7km and as soon as we turn west, WHAM! The wind is overpowering. I noticed what looked to be a trail on the other side of the canal we were pedaling along, so at the next bridge we cross over to it. Turns out that it is paved and provides slightly more shelter from the wind than the highway. We follow this for a good 30km. Now the trail winds through a couple small towns just south of Hwy 20 and at one point snakes through a beautifully wooded forest. Leaves almost completely cover the path and we saw several people walking here. After a few more km we cross the border and are back in Ontario.Image

Once we are in Ontario, the trail becomes a bike lane on a service road in full view of the 401. It runs straight for what seems like forever. We still have 40km to go and the wind isn’t letting up. Then there is a brief glimmer of hope. Mom spots an accommodation sign on the 401 for the upcoming exit #804. After a few more km we come to the exit and there are a few fast food joints. We were cold and hungry at this point so we figure we’d go into Tim Hortons for something hot to eat and ask where a place to stay might be. Just before we pull into the parking lot I see the MOTEL sign further down the road.

Right away we go and investigate the motel but when we get there we just laugh. The land is for sale and what used to be the motel, is now just a pile of rubble. Damn. Now we will have to pedal another 25km into Cornwall. So back to Tim’s for chilli and bagels, and then back on the road, into the wind. The last twenty is always the toughest and it was getting colder as the day got on. It was quite nice riding along the water into Cornwall and as the sun was setting it was getting hard to see. Once we got into town we stopped at a fish and chip restaurant for directions and then made our way uptown to where the hotels are. On the way I noticed by back tire going flat and we coasted into the parking lot of the Best Western. They were full, but the Comfort Inn down the street had a room for us. Home sweet home. Enjoyed our leftover chicken for dinner and put our feet up for a change. No after dinner walk tonight and I think we are taking the day off tomorrow.


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