Day 16 Montreal to Veaudreuil-Dorion 47km

October 15, 2012

Always sad to leave Montreal, but today was the day. We took a short walk before our hotel breakfast and the sun was shining. Collected the bikes from the parade storage room and loaded up. Clouds rolled in shortly after we left the hotel, but it was warm out and almost felt like spring. Riding on bike lanes all the way on Maisoneuve we were in West Montreal in no time. By the time we reached the waterfront we felt the effects of the wind. 30km/h from the west, gusting to 40km/h right in our faces. Our nice pace was quickly slowed to a crawl. We tried to stay inland to keep sheltered, but it was unavoidable for the most part. We stopped in a park by the Base D’ Urfe Yacht Club, had our lunch and some fun on the exercise machines there.

Arrived in Dorian reasonably early and checked in to a little motel on Hwy 20. Off to see the town and it wasn’t much, then bought some things for supper from Viau and Fils. We ate as soon as we got back to the room and then went out in search of the laundromat. After quite awhile and a couple consultations with locals we found the boundaries. Bad news, they are out of soap. So we walked some more and found some in the Jean Contour(drugstore). So back to run a load of laundry. We were entertained by a couple of local characters while waiting for the wash and then start the walk back from Veaudreuil to Dorian which is at least a few kilometers. We hung the wash on the bikes and then Mom remembers that she has some mending to do. One of the straps on her pannier had given out after going over a big bump. We bought a package of seventy sewing needles from the dollar store earlier in the day and instead of thread she would use dental floss. So I leant her my headlamp and she went to work.

Finally it’s time to relax, so we catch the end of the ball game and snack on peanuts. The end of another great day. Not sure what to do in the morning. Cornwall is pretty far and if the wind is blowing from the west again it could be a tough pedal. We joke about going back to Montreal.


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