Day 15 Around Montreal 21km

October 14, 2012

Slept in till 9am. Hot showers and then we packed up, checked out and then rode a few blocks to our next hotel. We left our planners in the luggage room there (and our cereal too, by mistake) and then set off to see the town. After a quick breakfast of yoghurt in an empty parking lot in Chinatown, we headed for Mont Royal. We were hungry again by the time we reached the base of it so we figured we should look for a boulangerie. Pedaled a few blocks and were about to give up, then all of a sudden, we were on bakery row. The first one we went into had some of the best bagels in the city, so we bought a couple. The next place we went into had these amazing looking little pizzas, so we bought one. Before long we were fueled up and ready to ride up the mountain.Image

It had been threatening rain all morning and had started to drizzle as we began our ascent. There were a lot of people out considering the weather. Walkers, joggers, bikers and other tourists. The climb lasted 3 or 4km and got foggiest the higher we climbed. By the time we reached the top we couldn’t see the city at all. We went up to see the cross and by the time we were starting back down the rain moved in. Image

We took a different route down the mountain and came out onto the streets by McGill and the Golden Acre. It read mostly down hill through downtown and we were back at the hotel just before check in time at 3 o’clock. The room was quite small, European style they call it. We strung our clothesline across the room and cranked up the heat to help dry our wet clothes. Went out again to the IGA in search of more Liberte yoghurt and then strolled through Chinatown looking for a place to get some hot soup. We ended up in a great restaurant, Mom had Tao chicken and I had a red curry. Both plates were delicious and better than soup. Had another walk after eating to settle our stomachs and eventually made it back to our room. It was quite toasty in there when we got back and the wet clothes were now dry. With the bathroom window open our fridge things were cool, a perfect combination. Its supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow and we will be heading west. Just hoping that the wind will be with us.


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