Day 13 Saint-Jovite to Saint-Jerome 87km

ImageOctober 12, 2012

Another delicious breakfast this morning courtesy of Jean-Luc and Linda at the Voyageur B&B. I discovered that putting maple syrup in your coffee is possibly one of the best things ever. I`m glad that we ate a lot because almost all of our first 20km were uphill. We reached the summit of the trail topping out at 425m.  It was cold today and there were snow flurries off and on all day. The rest of our journey today was predominantly downhill and it was difficult to keep warm. We would stop and eat every 20km or so and then jump around to keep our feet warm. The scenery today was something else. Trees in full colour, passing by lakes and streams, rapids and small water falls. We saw snow on top of Mt. Tremblant too. We finished strong, arriving in Saint Jerome around 5:30pm. Had a quick snack in our room and then walked a ways to the laundromat. After that we walked back into town and stopped for burgers and fries at Dic Anne Hamburgers. They were good but, the burgers looked like they were served on pancakes. After that we stopped at the Metro for more food. Finally back to the hotel again by 9pm. Just in time for baseball and bed time snacks. Such a treat tonight, I am writing this blog on an actual keyboard in the lobby.

Tommorrow we should be in Montreal and we have a small list of things to do; eat Indian food, see some bike shops and photographing grafitti to name a few. Stay tuned for more action.


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