Day 12 Nominingue – Saint-Jovite 60km

October 11, 2012

Slept in a little and we were up and out for a short walk before breakfast. A pretty cold morning with mostly clear skies and a bit of wind. Breakfast was very good, we had fresh croissants, fruit, crepes, an omlette, ham and brie. Loaded up the bikes, said our good byes, and set out on the trail.

It was nice starting out on a paved trail again. It took a little while to warm up and we stopped after 20km for a quick break and a banana. Then back on the bikes to warm up. The weather was quite warm in the sun, but cool when it went behind the clouds. We saw another deer on the trail, a grouse and possibly a pheasant. The scenery was beautiful. Image

We stopped again after another 20km in Labelle at the trail access point. There was a restaurant and cafe as well as some interesting train related things; a refurbished caboose, some sculptures and a sun dial. We had another light snack while Mom fabricated foot warmers out of a plastic bag. Back on the bikes again to get warm. At this point the paved trail turns back into a gravel dust trail. We finally started to see other people on the trail during this portion. Up until this point it had been like our own private trail for over a week. We rode past several pastures with cattle and one with sheep. There was also an equestrian center with at least a dozen horses. The trail started to wind it’s way up as we got closer to Mont-Tremblant.

It was very scenic riding around Lake Mercier and we stopped briefly in the Village for a breather. Only 8km to go. We pulled off the trail, arriving at the Voyager B&B at 2:30 pm. So early that the proprietors weren’t around to answer the bell. We got our lunch out and sat at the table on the porch in the sun. Jean-Luc appeared as we were eating, said hi, and left us to enjoy our lunch. We checked into our room shortly there after and got ready to walk into town. It felt good to walk around and we did a lot of window shopping.

Stopped in at the bike shop, passed the Metro and another grocery type store before we found the laundromat. While the wash was in we had 26 minutes to kill, so we went into the “other” grocery store. Inside it was almost like a warehouse and more than half the store was in a giant refrigerator. There were hundreds of types of cheese among other things and great prices on yoghurt. We found and bought Liberte maple yoghurt, pear yoghurt and cottage cheese. Also picked up a type if cheese made here in Mont-Tremblant. Before checking out it occurred to us that this might be a members only store so we held our breath as we checked out. Alas, we were free to go with our purchases.

Back to the lavoir for the wash and then across the street to the boulangerie. Bad idea, they have way too many tasty looking things. We get a small veggie pizza and a few desserts (lemon pie, a Florentine and a piece of chocolate nut brittle). Back across the street to the Metro for bananas, crackers, milk, beer and carrots. Our two sacs are full, we are starving and it’s 5:30 pm. So we walk back to the B&B. Dinner at six, right on time and we finish pretty much everything. Finally found the channel with the baseball and we are both in bed relaxing. Not sure how far we are going tomorrow, we will play it by ear.


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