Day 11 Mont-Laurier – Nominingue 62km

October 10, 2012

Mom was awake before 7am and saw a lovely sunrise from bed. Started out as a pink and mauve-grey marbled sky and then then pink shifted to golden. We were expecting to wake up to rain this morning. The weather network says that there wad an earthquake just after midnight last night. I remember hearing the lamp rattling for a moment while in bed reading, but didn’t think much of it at the time. We were packed and ready to leave the hotel at 9:45am. We set off for the post office to mail five pound parcel full of maps and other literature. We chatted with a man in line who said he admired our bravery for pedaling on such a day. It was a little cool, but the rain hadn’t started yet. A quick stop in the IGA by the trail head and then we ate our breakfast in the rest stop shelter made up to look like a caboose. Now we are really ready to ride. Hop on the bikes and what do we see? DETOUR.

So we had to pedal up a short hill through a residential neighborhood then down a nice hill and onto a gravel road with a few construction vehicles. OK, now we are off. The Petite Train du Nord starts off paved and we were looking forward to an enjoyable ride. There was a bit of a headwind, but other than that a cool and cloudy day. While riding we saw five grouse and a few deer. We got so close to one of the deer that I thought I might have to ring my bell. She saw us when were twenty feet away and lept off the trail down into the bush. We passed the natural spring but it appears to be shut down for the winter season. Too bad because Mom emptied her water bottle anticipating a fresh fill up from the spring. She says they filled their bottles there when they rode through in July. We stopped for lunch around 1 o’clock in one of the caboose rest stops. We had just started to eat and then the rain arrived. Before leaving we put our rain gear on again. Soon after we got back on the bikes it seemed to stop.

Light rain started falling again a few kilometers before Nominingue and by the time we were nearing Chez Ignace it was coming down harder. We got a little wet, but nothing major. After settling in we sat down stairs by the fire waiting for supper time. Finally it was time to choose. Of course Mom ordered the smoked salmon appetizer (that’s why we are on this bike trip) and I chose the venison pate. Leek soup was next. For our mains, Mom had the tarragon chicken fillet and I had the fillet a dore (pickerel). Both of us had the flan with maple syrup for dessert. The food was exquisite and the service was a cross between a nice restaurant and being part of the family. It was nearly 9 o’clock by the time we had finished and we could barely make it upstairs. The good news is that we get to eat their breakfast in the morning. Although, that could also be bad news.

After dinner at Chez Ignace.

Not much else to do tonight except crawl into bed. We are heading for Saint-Jovite in the morning. Sweet dreams.


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