Day 10 Mont-Laurier Rest Day

October 9, 2012

Up early and made our way to the laundromat. Found the rest of downtown in the process, and while the clothes were washing we did some scouting. After the wash was finished we walked back to thehotel for breakfast. We hung up our wash on the clothesline to take advantage of the sunshine.Image

By noon we were ready to hit the town again. The tourist information office was our first stop and we had a good chat with the two women working there. Picked up several maps and brochures, probably too many and then said our good byes. Next stop wad the two bike shops we had seen earlier. Picked up some handlebar tape for my bike and a new side mirror for Mom (Hers broke this morning when the clothesline blew over). Over in the mall by the Metro we stopped in to Hart department store. New PJs for Mom and a pair of cords for myself. We sat on a bench inside and ate our apples and then went into pick up a couple of things for supper. Heading home we passed the Petite Train du Nord Fromagerie and had to stop.

We bought two small pieces of cheese and that took a lot of will power. We ate not used to skipping lunch. Once again we popped in at the tourist info place to inquire about a post office. We will put a package together tonight and send it in the morning. We had a little snack when we got in, but it was only 4 o’clock and too early for supper. Too late in the day to go sky diving so we decided to play mini golf at the “Black Pearl” next door. It was fun but it was cooling off quickly. We prepped our supper which was the food left over from yesterday plus a fire things we added today. Need to lighten our load as we ate back on the bikes tomorrow.

We will be riding the Petite Train du Word to Nominingue and staying at Chez Ignace. There will be a four course meal when we arrive and breakfast in the morning too. Their motto is “Through the seasons discover Belgian gastronomy”. We can’t wait.


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