Day 9 Maniwaki – Mont-Laurier 72km

October 8, 2012

We were in no rush to get up this morning, it was an exhausting day yesterday and it was freezing cold over night. Once we got up and moving around we decided to walk up to the corner store to see what we could buy to eat. Turns out that the grocery store is open on Thanksgiving Monday. So we went for a walk around town first to see if we could find where the trail to Grand Remous begins. No luck. Lots of signs for ATVs and snowmobiles but no real bike path. At the Maxi, we picked up some more breakfast stuff and a few things for lunch. We had been considering taking the day off, but decided that we would ride the 30km to Grand Remous and stay there. That would set us up for another 30km day to Mont-Laurier on Tuesday. So we ate in our room and then packed up and got on the bikes.

Again we tried to find the trail out of town. Eventually we asked a young man if he knew the trail we were looking for, but he wasn’t sure. It was 1pm now and we decided to take the 105. It was fast and smooth with some hills and an hour and a half later we were in Grand Remous. Image

Turns out that Grand Remous isn’t much more than the junction of the 105 and the 117. If there was a motel we’re not sure that it was even open. So much for our short ride. We stopped for a picnic in a small park overlooking “Les Chutes” on the Gatineau River. Only 34km to Mont-Laurier and we broke it up into three sections. We were still pretty wiped from yesterday’s ride, but bit by bit we perservered. We stopped at the first place we saw when we got into town and checked in for two nights. We walked across town to get our groceries and went to both the Metro and IGA. Back I our room we had an awesome spread of food and stuffed our little faces. Baseball on tv and updating the blog. Looking forward to our day off tomorrow. We might go sky diving.


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