Day 8 Wakefield – Maniwaki 102km

October 7, 2012

Woke up to a very brisk morning and left Wakefield wearing just about everything we had. Finally an early start to the day as we wre hoping to make it to Maniwaki. ImageIt was a nice pedal north along the 105 and a welcome change frogm the rail trails. We stopped for our breakfast picnic by the river and were in Low in no time. Picked up some extra water and then started our haul up La Route des Draveurs (The Log Drivers Route). The trail was in good shape, but had many noticeable ups and downs.

This was our first really long ride of the trip and we were fortunate that it was cool. Rest stop by rest stop we ate our way along. There were lots of very senic spots to stop at with bathrooms, benches and tables. After 70km on the trail we were getting close to Maniwaki.

The final few kilometers passed through the Pitobig Mikan reservation then we hooked back onto the 105 just as we came into town. Looks like a nice small city and we found a room at the Central Motel. We were recommended to eat at the Pesto Notre Dame. It was’t much to look at but the food was delicious. Veggie lasagna, Caesar salad and lemon pie for two. Another great meal. Back to the motel and straight to bed. We are planning on sleeping in and only have a short ride in the morning.


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