Day 6 Smiths Falls – Ottawa 85km

Great day for a ride.

October 5, 2012

    Awake at 7:30am and enjoyed the hotel breakfast (fruit loops). Got packed up and were ready to head out and then noticed that my front tire was flat again. I guess that patch from day one did not last. Good thing though because it had just started to rain. So I rotated my tires, put the new tube in the new tire and by this point the rain had stopped. We gave Liz a call to let them know we were heading their way and then set off out of Smiths Falls.

     We were glad not to have to ride out of town on the “highway of the afterlife“. Instead it was a beautiful ride on country back roads, except the last 10km in to Carelton Place which was on hwy 15. Busy but it has paved shoulders and we had a nice tail wind. From there we took the Ottawa – Carelton Trailway for 30km to Bell`s Corners just outside Ottawa.

     We found our Way to Bill and Liz`s without many problems, it was another 10km or so, but were well received when we got there just before 6pm. Just in time for Supper! Probably ate too much, but it hit the spot after a long day. After dinner Bill and Shady pointed out a shortcut to the grocery store and then we walked off the meal. Picked up some food for the morning and took the long way home, including a lap or two of Winners. Back at the house we have all the luxuries a person could need including internet, a hot tub and a wide screen tv to watch baseball on.

Tomorrow, we will be riding across the river into Quebec and we are aiming for Wakefield. Stay tuned….


2 thoughts on “Day 6 Smiths Falls – Ottawa 85km

  1. hi James, this is fun – I bet you could write for the newspaper – take all summer next year ! Tweed is famous for strange stuff happening – songs have written about it. Wonder where those people were going (driving on the tracks) ?

    • Thanks for the compliment Bernie. I would love to take a whole summer for touring. Just have to figure out a way to paint while I’m at it. Been working on a song while riding, “we got too much”.

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