Day 5 Pineapple Lodge – Smiths Falls 63km

Thursday Oct 4, 2012

Up fairly early for a change, had breakfast and closed up the cabin. Loaded the van and were at the gate just after 9am. After spending the previous day at Pineapple Lodge we were technically a day behind in our schedule so we cheated a bit. We took a ride to Sharbot Lake. We took a quick tour of the K&P train museum before saying our goodbyes to Don and Charlie. Back on the trail at 10:30am. Most of the trail was in good shape, but there were some rough patches again and at Glen Tay the trail ended. I guess in Winter you can take the trail across a couple of lakes but since we are not sledding, we took the road to Perth.

Found a Metro to pick up some supplies and then had a little picnic on the way out of town. Now, looking on a map, highway 43 looks like a direct route to Smiths Falls and it is. What the map doesn’t show is that there are no paved shoulders and the drivers are freaking maniacs. Whizzing past at 80km/h or more, I think everybody in Smiths Falls passed us along the way. At one point a car pulled out to pass us and another car pulled out to pass that car! We nicknamed that route the highway to hell, or heaven depending. Arriving in Smiths Falls we found are way the the Comfort Inn and got a nice room with a balcony overlooking one of the locks.

After freshening up we walked to the laundry-mat and started a wash and to kill time, went to the Giant Tiger and then the Bike shop where we bought a replacement tire. We had a nice walk across town to the grocery store and while we were there we asked around for a good place to eat. We were referred to Ger Bo`s and it was pretty good. Back at the hotel I went down to the business center to write the previous days blog and then off to bed…


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