Day 4 Pineapple Lodge

Wednesday, Oct 4, 2012

     We awoke to a cool and damp grey day with an east wind blowing. Looks like rain. We planned to have a short walking tour of camp and then get on the bikes for our 66km ride to Sharbot Lake. After a brief consultation, we decided to spend the day at Pineapple Lodge instead and get back on the road tomorrow. So after breakfast we went on a short 2 hour hike around some of Karl’s 600 acres.

       It is a stunning landscape of granite and quartz rock out croppings surrounding a lake or two. Oak trees predominate, but towering pines are present aswell. Especially at this time of year when firey red and orange leaves speckled the landscape, the surroundings are breath taking. The sun almost peeked out and the dampness turned into humidity. When we got back to the lodge we took a dip in the dark chilly lake. Utterly refreshing. Had a picnic on the patio for lunch with some of the local chees we had bought the day before. Medium cheddar with caramelized onions, yum. Next, we drove into town to pick up some things for supper and then Mom and I pedalled 10km on the trail back to the gates of Pineapple Lodge. This is the portion we had missed out on yesterday.

       From the gates it is a 2.5km trek along the rollercoaster of a dirt road back to the lodge. Now it was time to catch some supper so we joined Charlie and Don who were fishing. We caught several smallmouth bass and kept 4. After prepping supper Dad and I got out the manual clay pigeon slinger and the 20 gauge for some practice shooting. After a slow start and a bit of recalibrating we were able to knock down quite a few. This completed the Pineapple Lodge pentathalon.

     A group effort got supper ready in no time and we had a lovely meal which was followed by a game of scrabble afterwards. It was my first time at Pineapple Lodge and a great one it was. Having already painted a scene of the lodge for Karl a few years ago it was nice to see it first hand. (check out my website -Landscapes -Pineapple Lodge). Hoping to get an early start in the morning and continue our journey.



One thought on “Day 4 Pineapple Lodge

  1. I’m enjoying following your blog. Pineapple lodge area sounds wonderful. I bet the fall colours are beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving weekend on the trail.

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