Day 3 Hastings – Tweed 72km

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2012

So much for an early start, we left the B&B at 10:30am and went to see Tracy at the school where she work. Spent a half an hour chatting and then said our good byes. Next stop Value Mart for some supplies. We picked up the trail on the other side of town and put 10km behind us before stopping for our breakfast. We were in Campleford in no time and stopped again for groceries and at a bakery for doughnuts. We had a little trouble finding the trail out of town and spent awhile getting turned around. By 1:30pm with 50km still to go we decided to take the road.

It was a lot smoother than the trail, but extremely hilly. So we found our way long and back to the trail before we reached Stirling. The trail again was very rough and hard on the hands so we went back onto the road. Sounds like I am repeating myself, but thats what it was like. We took this hwy 8 and made up sometime there. Still hilly but at least we were moving at a decent pace. We were planning to meet Dad at Pineapple Lodge and then drive into Tweed for dinner. We were messaging back and forth with our progress but it was getting late in the day, so we decided that we should just meet in Tweed and then get a ride out to the Lodge.

Now Pineapple Lodge is my Dad’s friend Karl’s 600 acre hunting camp. It is only 2km off the Trans Canada Trail and 10km beyond Tweed. So eventually we made it back onto the trail and rode the final few km into Tweed where Don and Charlie were waiting. Put the bikes in the van and drove to the Gateway Restaurant and filled our little faces. It was dark now and the drive into Pineapple Lodge was rough, kind of like an off road roller coaster. We got a quick tour of the cabin and got caught up and then it was off to bed. Gorgeous moonlight provided just a glimpse of the lake and surrounding property. Another hard slog of a day and off again in the morning.


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