day 2 Lindsay-Peterborough-Hastings 76km

Left Lindsay at 9:30 am and picked up the trail just around the corner from the motel. It was a gorgeous morning, sun shining and a pretty strong breeze at our backs. The trail was in great condition and seemed to get better the closer we got to Peterborough. We stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few things for lunch and then at a cafe for a coffee and some WiFi. We looked up a couple of possible accommodations for the night and made a call to the Adams Farm BB where I left a message. So just after noon we left Peterborough.

We followed the trail until we reached a railway bridge crossing over the Otonabee River. There was A guy walking his bike towards us and said “you can cross here but it’s a fifty dollar fine if they catch you. Don’t worry, I do it all the time”.
And we are following the Official map, what a cash grab. We made it across and followed along right up until the outskirts of the city. The map has us going out an old rusty rail road. We checked down the road but there was no sign of the trail. We asked some guy in what looked to be a lumber yard and he told us just to follow the tracks and when they dead end the trail will continue. Well, we literally had to ride down the railbed or the foot wide chunky gravel shoulder between the ditch and the tracks. 3km and what seemed like an hour later, we came to the end of the tracks. Sure enough the trail carried on but it wasIn the worst shape we have ever seen. The next 35km were very rough, bumpy, soft and sandy and bumpy some more.

So bump along we did, uphill mostly at a grueling pace. At one point we saw headlights upahead so we pulled over and a man and his truck went past with his dog running along behind. We shook our heads and wondered what he was upto. We haven’t seen people driving on rail trails before. Then a moment later, more headlights. A red car which pulls Side to let us pass. A woman is driving with a passenger and a small dog in the back. Too weird. This is like the equivalent of seeing two vehicles driving through the mall.
Still bumping along we saw a couple of huge bulls in a pasture with some other cows. Shortly after that we came to a gate across the trail that was chained shut. Fortunately it wasn’t locked, just closed. Then we came to another one and finally one more with chains draped across the pathway like hammock. Finally we can see Hastings, looks like it is just over the bridge. Turns out that it’s a swing bridge and it is open. No way across and we aren’t about to jump I the water so we turn around and walk our bikes down the steep embankment. A man in a nearby house waves us up to use the road and answers our questions about where to stay in Hastings.

The first B&B was the last on our list, but the one ws end up staying in. Elise, Jesse and Snuggles are all very nice. We were recommended to eat at Banjo’s by several folk including John and his scooter buddy. The food was fantastic, homemade meatloaf with mash, gravy, veggies, coleslaw and a biscuit. Turns out that John knows Tracy, a friend of my Mom’s from years ago and who lives in Hastings. After dinner I was persuaded to try the sauna which was quite relaxing. Unfortunately, I then decided to type this blog from my Mom’s “smart” phone and now my back is sore and my ass is numb. I’m going to bed!


2 thoughts on “day 2 Lindsay-Peterborough-Hastings 76km

    • Thanks Amy, I’m glad that I started the blog for this trip. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass using a “smart” phone but, it works eventually. Glad that you are following along.

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