day 1 uxbridge to lindsay 53km

Dad drove us from Ajax to Uxbridge just after noon and we were ready to go by 1:30 pm. Lovely ride on the rail trail and the weather was perfect, cool and cloudy. Lots of brilliant fall colours on display. After two hours of riding we started to wonder if we would ever get there. Then suddenly out of the woods was Lindsay.

I discovered a slow leak in my front tire just before reaching the Victoria Motel. Nothing that a quick patch can’t fix. The motel owners offered us a ride into town which we politely refused, then we walked there looking for somewhere to eat. After scoping out the downtown we popped into the Value Mart just before closing. Picked out a few things for breakfast and some chocolate cookies. By this time Wimpy diner was closed and fried fast food chicken was looking like our only option. However, we found out that the fish and chip place does homemade burgers too. Sold, and they have coleslaw. The places was busy and the food was good. A nice walk back home to the motel.

Just when we thought it was time for bed, company is coming? Vicki and Ross were passing through on their way home from Halliburton. So we had a short visit and they left us with apple’s and beer. Nice. Now it’s time for bed.


2 thoughts on “day 1 uxbridge to lindsay 53km

  1. Perfect fall timing! Looking forward to the effect this will have on your art! I have a whack of sketches and photos inspired by the rock cuts and their contrast to the scraggly trees that cling to their faces, these too were during a fall, 2010. Two years later and still no paintings. I suck! Am I a bit envious? Yes.

    • The trees have been beautiful. There was a frost a couple of days ago and a lot of the leaves have fallen here. Hoping that the colours are still out as we head south towards Montreal. Hope you are enjoying following along.

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